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An odd hieroglyph is found on the corpse of a homeless vet, the same marking as was found on a previous casualty, also in Tampa. Reid has brought his mother Diana home with him, and she's having trouble adapting. The unsub's ritual requires that the victim die by his or her own hand. A man shoots himself, then the unsub shoots his wife. Reid brings in another caretaker and Diana storms off. Reid tells her about the meds his mom is on except for the experimental drug from the clinical trial she was in. The unsub is targeting people of high moral character. Also sinkholes, where he dumps the victims, are important to him for some reason. Reid comes home and discovers his mom dumping the experimental drug down the toilet. She wants to go back to her original home. Bryce Jarvis, the unsub, has kidnapped a woman working at a soup kitchen. The BAU discovers six earlier victims with a different M.O. star-cluster shape, the points of which the BAU uses to locate the next victim. They stop Jarvis before he makes his latest victim jump into a sinkhole. JJ and Rossi debate whether Spencer will be able to handle his mother's situation.

Criminal Minds
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