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Prentiss is cooking dinner for Mendoza. She screws up Rossi's recipe and they end up having pizza. Two lawyers are found severely beaten with their hearts cut out in Maryland. The unsub is preserving the hearts in liquid-filled boxes. It appears females are luring men for the unsub. A third man, Dennis Kirkwood, has been taken, tortured and killed. JJ has a sense of deja vu at the dump site. Kiara Hale, the woman seen with the second victim, is picked up. She thought she was participating in a prank on him. The three victims were at Kirkwood's bachelor party, and Kirkwood was suspected in the death of Robin Rhodes. Her mother, Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes, said police had botched the investigation of her daughter's death. JJ remembered identical killings of six women in Milwaukee, but that killer had died in prison. The unsub is David Smith, son of the original Milwaukee serial killer. Prentiss had checked on David, renamed Edward Addison, for a time but lost track of him. David had been a patient of Dr. Rhodes, and Prentiss's theory is that she twisted David into tracking down those involved with Robin's death. They try to trap David by answering a want-ad he placed, but David sees Emily and insists on talking with her by phone. He reaches his van and gets away from Alvez and Simmons. Prentiss thinks David will go after Rhodes next. He abducts her. Garcia pinpoints a medical building where David has set up shop. Rhodes tries to convince him that the men who he killed were guilty, but he never longer believes her. He smashes his heart boxes. Rhodes confesses to what she'd done. Prentiss gets David to give up. Prentiss and Mendoza pick up where they left off. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 10 Quotes

How do you feel about pizza?

Prentiss [to Mendoza]

You winged it? You don't exactly have the memory of our boy genius.

Rossi [to Prentiss]