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A retired couple in Portland, Ore., is murdered, while another couple is missing and being tortured by the unsub. The man temporarily escapes and tries to find help before being recaptured. The team bullies Alvez into the housewarming party which his girlfriend Lisa wants.  The unsub is freeing and blinding his captives so he can watch them panic when trying to escape. The missing man, J.P. McCoy, tries to escape after being freed, but the unsub stabs him in the back. The unsub is visually impaired but wears special sunglasses that allow him to see in the dark. He wants his victims to feel homebound like himself. He now wants the female, Nikki Pareno, to accept him despite his impairment. The first victim, a pediatrician, used exposure therapy on his patients to deal with their phobias. The unsub may have been one of his patients treated with that therapy, who sought revenge. The unsub wants Nikki to be his eyes. Reid and JJ go through the doctor's records, and she finds a patient who was afraid of the dark. For therapy, the patient was left in dark rooms. The parents kept using that therapy after the doctor stopped using it. Reid cracks the doctor's code for identifying patients. Christian, who handles the rental house where JP and Nikki were staying, remembered a blind boy, Dustin Eisworth, who tried to hold her down and put a blindfold on her. Dustin, who had been in prison, came back to take revenge on those who had wronged him, including the doctor, his parents, and Christian. Nikki tries to run when she discovers JP is dead. The BAU arrives at Dustin's house, but he stabs Nikki when she shouts for help. Simmons shoots Dustin as he was about to stab Alvez. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 11 Quotes

You can be my eyes.

Unsub [to Nikki]

"Revenge ... the sweetest morsel to the mouth that was ever cooked in hell." -- Sir Walter Scott