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Lisa has moved in with Alvez. Lisa and his ex-partner Phil are ragging on him about his communications skills. Phil asks about Garcia. The BAU gets called in after three men have been assassinated. A fourth man, Paul McEntee, is killed right after the BAU briefing. McEntee was killed in his panic room. Each man was made to drink a bottle of bleach. Alvez had encountered the suspected killer, Edwardo Ramos, while working alongside the DEA five years earlier. After Alvez arrested him, Ramos broke out of prison after three years. So the killings may have a connection to the Martinez Cartel. Phil gets brought in for his knowledge of the case. Inspector Manny Silva said Ramos was killed, in the same method as the other men. So the unsub is posing as Ramos. It's Jeremy Grant, a former DEA sniper. His wife and children had been executed by Ramos in the same manner. So Grant is killing cartel associates. Grant and Alvez argue by phone over vengeance versus justice. Grant threatens to kill the person Alvez loves most. Lisa isn't picking up. Lisa's OK when Alvez gets home. Instead, Grant goes after Phil, because he didn't know about Lisa, and kills him. Alvez brings in Roxy to keep her safe. Prentiss has to take Alvez off the case. He says he needs leeway with his security detail. The team expects Grant to go underground. Alvez is getting Lisa someplace safe before going after Grant. Prentiss has Garcia check Alvez's other phones. Alvez checks with a forger to see where Grant is going, and he admits it's Baltimore while under duress. Alvez takes down Grant just before the BAU gets there. Prentiss demotes Alvez for defying her orders. Lisa threatens to move out but stays. 

Criminal Minds
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Criminal Minds Season 14 Episode 6 Quotes

Would you like to let me go fight crime?

Alvez [to Garcia]

Phil: And how are things at the BAU?
Alvez: Everything's good.
Phil: That's more than I expected.