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The President's Chief of Staff is contacted by Gibson with a demand to get his son back. He gets a second call when the FBI is in his office. He gets them to go with him. While at the memorial, flash bangs go off and he runs off with a bag. He meets up with another parent who drives him to the meeting location.

A General meets them in a hotel. The other parent is supposed to torture him for information. Gibson asks about Operation Lennox and finally gets the information he wants. Finley and Dunn show just after the General shoots the parent. Gibson taunts the General about what will happen when his family find out what he did. The General shoots himself in the chest.

Gibson has the location of the proof he wants. And the FBI now realizes the kidnappings are personal. The kids are left in a tent in an alley.

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Crisis Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I would have to let my son die.


Finley: I'll find your son.
First Lady: And, hurt whoever took him.