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Izzie informs her family that classmate Brittany has been calling her names. Cristela is immediately bothered by this, as she was bullied as a child, but Daniela and Felix chalk it up to kids being kids and think it's just a phase. 

Cristela explains to Izzie that the only way kids stopped teasing her is when she stood up for herself. 

Later a note is sent home from the principal informing them that Izzie punched Brittany. At the principal's office, the principal explains that Izzie was playing "dead arm", a game that Felix and Alberto play. 

Cristela calls a family meeting where she tries to find out who Izzie is learning her behavior from. Izzie tells the family that she hit Brittany because she was following Cristela's advice and sticking up for herself. 

At work, Cristela complains that she has now turned into a bully. Josh and Cristela have been in a fight over misinterpreted text messages and when they talk it out, he reveals that she can be very sarcastic at times and it can be mean. 

She explains to Izzie that she has always had a tough attitude because she has always felt like the underdog. But she explains that there is a difference between sticking up for yourself and being a bully. 

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Are you going to do some Irish dancing?

Cristela [to Josh]

Daniela: Did you know it was Izzie who was bullying Brittany?
Cristela: I did not know that.