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A couple is shot. The killer takes a Polaroid of them. Gil Grissom reviews all the cases upon which David Hodges worked. Hodges is booked under suspicion of manufacturing false evidence. The couple was killed on their wedding day. The new team faces additional scrutiny because of the charges against Hodges. Gil watches as the storage unit is sorted by internal-affairs detectives. The dead couple were oncologists. Maxine tells Gil and Sara she has been orders to keep them away from Hodges' case. But she will still let Sara help on the current case. Gil and Sara debate Hodges' possible guilt. Allie and Folsom track down the leaking SUV that was at the couple's house parked at a swingers' club. Any club member has access to the SUV. Folsom forces access to the club's membership. Allie and Folsom examine the club's dark room. He finds a hidden camera. Allie unearths a laptop recording the surveillance. Hodges mentions that items came up missing after he and his wife Emma moved. Allie discovers records of blackmail payments on the laptop. Folsom finds a damaged photo of the bride taken right before she was killed. The club's owner Anwar Hassan is a suspect but his mini-strokes wouldn't allow him to fire a gun. Gil and Sara can't locate any sign of a break-in in Hodges' garage. They determine where the neighbors' missing dog was killed and buried nearby so he wouldn't interfere with the break-in. A special light indicates that a woman with a small foot is the killer. Christy, Hassan's assistant, is the killer who was behind the blackmail scheme. The groom and bride had bullied Hassan to get their videos back. Christy killed them to keep Tyler Clement payng. The dog has blood on his teeth from biting the intruder. 

CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We are not the ones looking through the microscope this time. We are under it.


Your boy [Hodges] is going to be popular inside.