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-J.R. is in Las Vegas trying to buy into Cliff's poker game in order to take him down.

-John Ross scrambles to get tanker trucks to transport the oil off of Southfork. He asks Sue Ellen to convince Harris Ryland to release his trucks.  She reluctantly agrees.

-Rebecca gives Christopher and Bobby a copy of a document that says that the mineral and land rites of Southfork were separated by Miss Ellie's father but they must find the original paperwork.  Bobby tracks the document down in an old safety deposit box.

-The Venezuelans threaten to take over Southfork if their oil is not delivered.

-Marta leaves a knife in a picture of John Ross and Elena.  John Ross puts extra security on Elena's home and has J.R.'s private investigator try and locate Marta who has once again disappeared.

-Bobby finds out Annie asked her ex to stop the tanker trucks.  Later, Ryland sends Annie a necklace that has her in tears.  Bobby goes to Ryland's office and hits him, telling him to stay away from Annie.

-Rebecca suffers a nose bleed and heads to the doctors.  The test results show she's pregnant.

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Dallas Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

You are a lot like your Daddy. All hat and no cattle.


Funny how life always seems more complicated than you think it will be, especially in this family.

John Ross