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-Allison Jones tells Christopher that Barnes Global has undercut his bid and the city may not go with his methane deal. He has one week to show them that the technology is up and running. They want to see the off shore methane rig.


-Allison tells Christopher she might have some pull if he sleeps with her but he won't. Bobby says it's time to take the gloves off and do this the way J.R. would have.


-John Ross sleeps with Allison. Bum takes pictures. Since Allison is married and has career aspirations, Christopher blackmails her into voting for him against Barnes Global.


-Pamela does her best to prove to John Ross and Christopher that she isn't behind her father's dealings with Allison.


-Cliff partners with Harris Ryland to destroy the Ewings. He tells Ryland that he's already lost his daughter to them.  Ryland agrees to work with him.


-Harris spies on Emma when she goes on a date with Drew. Harris has one of his men threaten Drew. He needs to build a bomb to set off an explosion on Christopher's methane rig or they'll kill Elena. Drew agrees.


-Judith tells Harris he is dead to her. She's freezing his accounts and kicking him out of the company. They argue and Judith falls down the stairs.


-When Gary won't leave Sue Ellen alone because she's still drinking, she calls Valene and tells her Gary misses her. Valene arrives at Southfork but doesn't get a warm welcome from Gary. Valene is furious and tells Sue Ellen she's just as bad as J.R. ever was. 


-Christopher, Elena, Bobby, Annie, John Ross, and Pamela are all on the methane rig with the city council. When one of Ryland's men spots Pamela, he calls Cliff to tell him his daughter is on board. Cliff tells him to set off the bomb anyway.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

If my mother's alive, I'll find her. It's about time I did.


My father's six feet under and he's still got us working for him.

John Ross