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-When the explosion rocks the methane rig, the injured are taken to the hospital. Bobby finds Ann recovering from a concussion and they reconcile. Elena has a slight head injury.  Pamela's injuries are so severe she may lose the babies.


-Drew's accomplice threatens to turn him in unless he runs. After spending a night with Emma who encourages him to stay, he turns the tables and threatens to blow the whistle on everyone involved in the explosion.


-Christopher thinks his technology may have caused the explosion. Bobby stops him from confessing until they get more facts. Sue Ellen calls in a favor from Ken Richards, an old flame and finds out that explosives were found on the rig.


-Judith has surgery for a broken leg. She tells Harris she'll forgive him if he gets Emma to forgive her. When Emma comes to visit Judith she tries to turn her against her father. Ryland overhears and has his mother drugged and sent off to another facility.


-The doctors tell Christopher that at 20 weeks, the babies aren't viable but they need to terminate the pregnancy to save Pamela. To John Ross and Afton's (Pamela's mother) horror Christopher tells the doctor to try and save the babies as well as Pamela.


-Pamela and the babies survive the surgery but later the fetal heart monitor shows both babies dying as Pamela cries and the family helplessly looks on.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Ryland: I miss you, Emma.
Emma: I know.

Darlin' if there were karma I would have been run over, shot, and struck by lightening years ago.

John Ross