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-Ken Richards recants his belief of sabotage and the TESHA board blames Ewing Energies for the explosion and levels a $1 billion fine for environmental damage.


-Sue Ellen tells Ken the Ewings will fight and he needs to pick a side. When the Governor threatens him, Ken sends Sue Ellen proof that Harris Ryland made large contributions to the Governor's campaign.


-Carlos finds the woman JR was with before he died. He brings Rhonda to Dallas to meet with Bobby. She says JR was asking about Harris Ryland's dealings with a drug cartel. 


-John Ross copies Rebecca Wentworth's (Cliff's mother) will from Pamela's computer. Pamela holds 1/3 shares of Barnes Global in a living trust. If she dies or is incapacitated, those shares go to Christopher. 


-John Ross comforts a grieving Pamela. 


-Christopher lashes out at Elena in his grief. They later make up and he goes to comfort Pamela who makes him promise to find out who committed the sabotage and make them pay. 


-Sue Ellen sees Emma high and flirting with a much older man at a bar. She tells Annie who doesn't want to believe it's true.


-Ryland kidnaps Drew before his date with Emma. Then he takes Emma to see that he's beaten up Drew and threatens to do worse if she doesn't stop seeing him. She is furious but agrees. 


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Dallas Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

What would make you people happy? You want me to go home and curl up in the fetal position.


The whole family under the same roof again. Buckle up, right.

John Ross