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-John Ross sees Cliff's flight information and realizes he flew into Nuevo Laredo the night J.R. was killed. Rhonda confirms that Cliff was at the club watching J.R. but that's not enough proof.


-Bobby makes a replica of J.R.'s belt buckle that was stolen the night of his murder. John Ross and Pamela plant it in Cliff's safe deposit box.


-Sue Ellen finds Ken Richards in the Cayman Islands and gets him to turn over the original TESHA report. Then she blackmails the governor into overturning the eminent domain that stops the Ewings from drilling their oll.


-After a night in jail, Emma agrees to rehab but runs to her father who takes her back. Then she searches his house and tries to break into his safe.


-Christopher realizes that Elena has been talking to Drew and that she helped him escape. He tells her to leave Switzerland and that they're over.


-Christopher finds Dr. David Gordon, Pam's plastic surgeon who claims to be her husband. He says Pam is done with the Ewings and never wants to see Christopher again.


-When Chris gets word that a woman is closing out Pam's Swiss bank accounts, he runs to the bank but who is the woman he finds there?


-In Cliff's safe deposit box, John Ross and Pamela find a death certificate for Pamela Barnes dated 1989. 


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Dallas Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

It's the ultimate payback for what Jock did to Digger all those years ago.


Pamela: I'd always dreamed that my wedding ring would come from a gum ball machine.
John Ross: I don't know if you've heard but my family in the midst of some financial difficulties.