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-Elena's brother Drew comes home. He wants to get their land back. His mother sold it to Bobby when the bills needed to be paid. Drew wants it back. He believes there is oil there.


-John Ross tries to turn Sue Ellen against Elena. Elena stopped drilling on Hendersen land when she hit a salt pocket. Sue Ellen says she has one month to repay the loan. 


-Elena asks her brother to drill the oil on the Henderson property. John Ross pays off one of the workers to make sure they don't hit oil.


-Christopher drags Becky to file a missing persons report  on Tommy. Detectives find blood splatter in Pamela's apartment.  


-JR offers to work with Frank to take Pamela down.


-The police say they can't prosecute Harris Ryland for kidnapping his daughter. As her father it's consider custodial interference and the statute of limitations is up. 


-Bobby goes to JR to ask for help to make Ryland pay. Annie goes to Ryland and shoots him.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

She deserves to have you in her life. Fight for her.


Keep those boys in line.