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-Bobby confesses to shooting Ryland to protect Ann. When Ryland wakes up from his coma, he points the finger at Bobby, but Ann steps up and says she shot him.


-Drew fires the foreman when he changes the drilling coordinates. Christopher suspects John Ross was paying him to make the changes.


-Frank digs up Tommy's body and tells JR where to find it. He also tells him that John Ross is in bed with Pamela.


-John Ross warns Cliff Barnes that Frank has turned on him.  When the police find Tommy's body and the gun that killed him, it has Frank's finger prints on it.


-Cliff tells Frank he needs to do the right thing and his family will be taken care of. Frank confesses to the murder of Tommy and Becky. He says Tommy was threatening Pamela's life when she tried to back out of the con.


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Dallas Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

What do father's say? I'm not mad I'm just disappointed. Well I am both.


You found high velocity blood splatter in her condo. How much more obvious does it need to be?