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-Sue Ellen and John Ross take over Elena's shares of Ewing Energies. In retaliation, Bobby and Gary terminate their lease for the mineral rights of Southfork and force all drilling of Southfork oil to cease, putting the entire company in danger if Sue Ellen and John Ross won't return those shares.


-John Ross threatens to sell Christopher's methane patent but Pamela is the swing vote. She gives her vote to Christopher after he wins a race using methane. The city board also looks upon him favorably after the race and is considering his bid to turn the municipal bus system to methane.


-Gary tells Bobby that he doesn't know how long he can hold out without his share of the drilling from Southfork. He fell off the wagon last year, lost all his money and Valene left him. 


-Sue Ellen works to sway Gary who remains loyal to Bobby, for now. 


-John Ross and Sue Ellen refuse to return Elena's shares no matter how well Christopher did in the race. Christopher and Bobby refuse to allow the oil drilling to continue. The company might go bankrupt without that cash flow.


-Elena and Drew perform a 3D scan of their father's land and find significant oil. Drew wants to buy the land back from Bobby.


-Emma reaches out to Ann and they go horse back riding. When Emma tells her father she wants to get to know her mother he turns on her and forces her to take a pill. Before they can ship her back to London, Emma packs a suitcase and heads to Southfork asking if she can stay. Harris and his mother are furious and turn on one another.


-While on the phone with his father, John Ross hears J.R. being shot.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm in a bad mood, Drew. If you don't want me to take it out on you then I suggest you run ahead.


Uncle Gary. Who the hell let you off the cul de sac?

John Ross