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-Ann confesses to Ryland's shooting and stands trial. Ryland accuses her of being a philandering wife and an unfit mother. Ann explains that she was an insecure girl suffering from postpartum depression. Ryland stole Emma when he found out she was filing for divorce.


-Emma hears her father admit that he accuses Bobby when he knew it was Ann who shot him. When she questions him, Ryland lies and his mother berates Emma for questioning her father. 


-On the stand, Emma still sides with her father.  Ann is found guilty of the shooting.


-Vincente Cano my be returned to Venezuela.


-Cliff calls J.R. to tell him that John Ross ratted out his deal with Frank.  With Sue Ellen's prodding, J.R. forgives his son.


-John Ross offers comfort to Pamela who is upset over her father's displeasure over their relationship but she turns John Ross down.


-Drew is arrested for transporting illegal goods during a trucking job. As Elena's employee this puts her in violation of the morals clause in Sue Ellen's loan contract.  John Ross and J.R. plan to take advantage.


-Seeing Ryland and Ann fight over Emma, Pamela and Christopher call a truce and decide to share custody of their twins.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Perhaps I should have paid more attention to you over the years because now you're desperately looking for love from men who can only use you.


If your heart weren't so small, you'd be dead. I'd wish you were dead.