With Ann and Emma being held by the cartel, the Ewings and Rylands scramble to try and get them back while Christopher tracks down Elena and Nicolas. Don't miss a minute. Watch Dallas online here at TV Fanatic.

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It's the first half of the season finale so you'll definitely want to watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 14 online here at TV Fanatic as Bobby asks the cartel to release Emma first. But Luis double crosses him and frees Ann instead, driving Judith over the edge.

Christopher finds Elena with Nicolas but when the US Marshals take him in, Nicolas offers to lead the CIA to the head of the cartel in exchange for immunity. Unfortunately the plan goes awry when the cartel uses five different vehicles to give the CIA the slip and get Nicolas back to Mexico.

When Bobby and Harris won't hear out his plan, John Ross takes matters into his own hands and outs Harris' CIA connection to Judith. The two work together and John Ross exhanges himself for Emma and offers to buy back all of Ewing Global so that the cartel can fun it's election and make Luis look like a hero.

Once again things don't go according to plan as the head of the cartel tells Nicolas he must prove his loyalty by killing John Ross. You must watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 14 online before you see the thrilling conclusion to the season finale.

Episode Details

Christopher tracks down Elena, the cartel double crosses Bobby and John Ross takes matters into his own hands on Dallas.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

You're a loose end. You said it yourself the cartel kills loose ends.

Elena (to Nicolas)

There's no bridges left. I burned them all.