It's the season finale and a member of the Ewing family ends up dead. Trust us. You'll want to watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 online here at TV Fanatic.

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The CIA's plans to rescue Emma fall apart as John Ross moves forward with his own master plan. He turns himself over to the cartel and offers Luis the opportunity to sell off all of the Ewing Global shares once he frees Emma. Luis takes the deal.

Just as the head of the cartel orders Nicolas to kill John Ross, the private military contractors John Ross hired swoop in to save the day. Back home, John Ross and Judith form an unlikely partnership in order to help Emma and take down their enemies.

Pamela stabs John Ross in the back by sleeping with Nasir to get the money to buy back Ewing Global but Bobby and Sue Ellen make a preemptive strike and get to the shares before she can. John Ross makes his own play by having Judith take over as Railroad Commissioner for the state. Later, John Ross looks through a file Emma gave him on JR. It shows that somewhere out there, John Ross has a sister.

Elena figures out that Nicolas helped murder her brother. She shoots him twice before he escapes but he still plans to get her back. Just as Elena takes a a test in a gas station bathroom that confirms she's pregnant, she walks out to Christopher's car to see it blow up with him inside! You must watch Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 online now at TV Fanatic.

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As the third season concludes, things come to a head with Nicolas and the cartel, John Ross makes an unlikely alliance and one member of the Ewing family ends up dead on Dallas.

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Dallas Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Luckily John Ross' heart is too small for a bullet to find it.


No gun toting terrorist has ever gotten the best of a Ewing yet. It's not going to start today.