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Damien is in church screaming at a crucifix. What did he ever to do him?

Damien in the Christian Quarter of the Old City, Damascus, Syria. His friend gives him a camera for his birthday. He's turning 30. He's a photojournalist and takes a photo of a particular old woman who doesn't seem pleased about it. He gives her a wave and moves on.

An army truck moves in. He photographs what's happening around him and the soldiers try to take kick them out. He sees his friend Kelly nearby. They all talk. There is going to be a massacre. The relocation turns into a fight. Guns shooting, smoke bombs go off. The old lady holds his face in her hands, her eyes go white. "Damien, I love you. It's all for you." She is shot and goes down and they're separated. He has memories of his childhood, his nanny hanging herself saying the same thing. He freaks.

Damien tells his friend, Amani, what happened to his head, just before all photojournalists are kicked out of Damascus. 

Later, Damien calls Kelly to ask her to try to find the old lady. She heard the entire exchange and is only too happy to help.

While he's trying to find help elsewhere, he runs into Ann Rutledge, who saw him last at his father's funeral. She tells him it's a whole new world, the seals been broken, the trumpet blown. He'll start remembering more about his past. She runs down his school expulsions and wonders why they didn't see he was a boy so obviously gifted.

She's very coy. 

Damien sees a rottweiler. 

Kelly has news about what the lady said. The exact same words John the Baptist said on Jesus' 30th birthday. Kelly notes he was essentially baptized in the old lady's blood. Damien tells Kelly about the time his Governess killed herself at his 5th birthday. 

He has always felt a dark cloud hanging over him, and when the old lady grabbed him, it was like it was inside him, growing. Kelly's sister, Simone, comes in. She's not pleased to see Damien.

While Damien and Amani are looking for photos of the old lady, Kelly appears. Damien shuts down their conversation. 

Instead, Kelly and Damien go to see a man who was working a priest at the time the events went down. Professor Reneas. Damien wonders why his father was seeking out a biblical scholar, since he wasn't a god fearing man. He wanted information on the beast, who was to be worshipped like a king before his true nature would be revealed. He'd plunge it into its darkest days. The word antichrist was never used in Revelation, but they believe the beast and Revelation to be the same.

Damien says the number 666 means nothing to him, but you can tell he's unsettled. 

The professor begs him to accept Christ as his savior. He may not be fire and brimstone, but the devil does exist. He lurks in the dark corners of the heart.

There's that rottweiler again. At the professor's door. A whole bunch of them. They're hungry.

Just after Damien says he doesn't believe in God or the devil, Kelly gets a call that Reneas was killed. By an animal. Damien knows it's because of him. He wants her to go. Leave him alone. He sends her packing. In tears, she leaves.

Kelly's car is stuck. She cannot move. She begins to get sucked under the car. She's screaming and Damien gets there just in time to watch her and the car get sucked under the ground.

Simone needs to believe that death isn't the end, but Damien doesn't believe in anything. 

An old Cardinal and priest are talking. "He visited Igor Renaes last night." What did he say? "He's dead." He is to rise from the holy land, but it goes through Damascus. They uncover a knife. They waited too long.

When Damien goes into church, a heavy winds blows him back from the crucifix, all of the votive candles go dark. He takes out the rosary. What did he ever do to him? His mother, his father. How many more? Why her? Why?? Answer me. Answer me!! He touches the crucifix and he sees so much. It crumbles to pieces before him and memories flood back. Please daddy, no!

He runs out to see the old woman. Who is she?? She grabs his hair and pulls out a clump. Onlookers pull him away. Get away from her!

At home, he's looking, again, for proof of her in photos. Suddenly, she's everywhere, in every photo from every bit of his life. He looks at his head where she tore the hair out and sees 666. He throws up. 


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Damien Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What do you want from me, huh? Tell me, what did I ever do to you? ANSWER ME!!!

Damien [kneeling before a crucifix]

The key is to always maintain a presence, without them knowing you've always been there the entire time, right over their shoulder the entire way.