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Answering Victor's distress call, the crew of the Raza find him and his two android friends, Ruac and Anya. Ruac is heavily damaged, Anya less so. There is also a dead man, Anya's former owner. Two agrees to take them to safety.

When Anya is discovered to have a tracking device, she commits suicide to disable it.

Victor reveals that they discovered a hidden cipher, revealing a location and a word: "sanctuary." He believes the coordinates lead to their creator.

Ruac, after briefly waking up and exclaiming that they were wrong, shuts down due to his extreme damage.

They arrive at the coordinates and discover a seemingly-abandoned facility. There they meet an android, Chase, who is the assistant to the mother of modern android technology, Dr. Irena Shaw, who looks just like the Android.

Chase explains that Dr. Shaw knows Two (or rather, Rebecca) quite well, having helped her escape from Dwarf Star Technologies. They had fled to this secret facility together and started a relationship.

Unfortunately, Dr. Shaw suffered from a fatal brain tumor, and Rebecca was forced to put her in stasis. Two injects her with her new second-generation nanites in the hopes that this will save her.

When she awakens, Dr. Shaw reveals that the Android was actually designed and built as a replacement body for herself. She suggests that they use the same concept to save Sarah, currently living in the Raza's computers.

While they're still working on the new android body, the GA shows up, having secretly tracked Victor. Shaw, Victor, and Chase leave with Sarah, while the crew of the Raza go off on their own.

Afterwards, it is revealed that Victor murdered Anya's former owner in cold blood, and it seems Shaw may have ulterior motives.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Portia Lin: Can I shut her eyes? This empty stare makes her look... unreal.
Das: She’s a machine.
Portia Lin [emphatically]: No! She’s not.

Three: What’re we looking at?
Android: An extraordinarily complex cipher. It would take a highly advanced mind to even recognize it, and approximately 87,560 computational hours to decode.
Two: Ten years. [The others stare at her.] Give or take…