Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 2 - Two and Three Confront Ryo
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Following Two's decision to steal back the blink drive from Ryo Ishida, Five accesses Ryo's memories in order to determine where he would possibly hide the device.

She learns of the existence of a top-secret research outpost hidden deep in a nebula. The crew of the Raza plans a quick snatch and grab mission, in and out and steal the blink drive.

Two and Three board the station, with Six left to guard the Marauder, while the Android and Five remain on the Raza. Unfortunately, the head scientists on the station send out a distress call, and Ryo uses clone transfer to appear on the scene.

Ryo orders the scientists to hook the blink drive into the station itself. Unfortunately, its miscalibration sends the station into a tiny pocket region -- that's actually shrinking rapidly.

Ryo is determined to not let the Raza crew have the drive back, and puts the station on lockdown. Three and Two shoot the clone to dust and move on their way.

The retrieve the blink drive from the female scientist who tries to keep it from them and flee back to the Marauder. They hook it up and use it to make their way back to the Raza, courtesy of a tachyon signal broadcast by the Android.

Two declares that the blink drive was probably messed with by the Zairon scientists, so they won't plug it into the Raza anytime soon. But at least it's out of Ryo's hands.

Meanwhile, Five experiences dangerous side-effects of the memory device, causing fugue states where she relieves memories. She does learn that somewhere out there she has a sister who was adopted by a wealthy, powerful family.

Dark Matter
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Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Two: The blink drive. They used it and *screwed up*.
Three [resigned]: Sounds familiar.

You know, Ryo, one day you will be emperor. And, for all our sakes, I hope by then you understand there’s more to holding an empire together than weapons and ships.

Memory Tekku