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Hearing someone at her door, Lauren hides as Billie picks the lock again and enters the apartment with Philip.

He finds his cellphone but Billie smells perfume. The two start to search the place but are interrupted by Shawn and Belle.

Shawn reveals he met with Lauren in Indianapolis which outrages Philip. He tells them about Bonnie's plan with Lauren and how Mimi wouldn't give her Philip's phone number.


As they argue, they hear a noise but discover whoever was there has slipped out the window. Philip accuses Shawn of doing this because he is better for Claire. Belle reminds Philip that Shawn helped save his life but Philip thinks Shawn was involved with Lauren.

Offering to take the baby home with her, Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) assures Lexie and Abe that Steve will be okay with this.


Just then, Steve arrives and is taken aback to see what Kayla is doing. When the social worker questions the idea, Abe and Lexie pull her aside and pressure her to okay the "foster parents."

Steve accuses Kayla of going behind his back and guesses he won't pass a background check though Kayla reminds him Abe will offer his support. She tries to calm him by claiming it's only for a couple of days and, when she offers to cancel the offer, he changes his mind.

Hope and Bo, armed with Stefano's key, enter the Irish church but Bo hesitates about opening the sacred tabernacle.


Seeing a nun praying nearby, Hope considers asking her to open the locked box, unaware it's Andre in disguise. Bo insists they find a priest but when they can't, Hope convinces Bo to unlock it himself. After they discover the key doesn't unlock it, a boy arrives, calls them by name and claims the priest will be right there. He leaves behind his backpack and inside, Bo finds a toy truck.

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