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In Las Vegas, as China Lee watches, Nick hits the blackjack table and starts losing hard. When $3,000 is gone, he claims he's broke.

China Lee admits that he's a nice guy and will sign the annulment. Max and Stephanie kiss but during a break, she reminds him that she has a boyfriend but then kisses him again.

As they continue, Chelsea arrives and watches. Jeremy asks Jett if he's a cop but Jett avoids answering it directly and later accuses Jeremy of being paranoid.

Spotting Jeremy in the hall, Chelsea warns Max and Stephanie. Stephanie quickly leaves Max, who hides in the hot tub.


While Stephanie urges Jeremy to go take a shower with her, Jett finds a soaked Max and warns him to stay away from Stephanie for the sake of this case. Chelsea finds Nick drinking at the bar and tells him about Stephanie and Max.

He boasts that his marriage is annulled but later, China Lee's kids are delivered to him. Max spots Jeremy with Ilsa in the casino. Jenna Powers introduces herself to Max and while he buys her a drink, she makes a call to someone about Max.

E.J. confesses to Tony that he just wants Sami to love him. Tony asks if he was involved in Lucas' latest mishap. Hinting that he might have been, E.J. claims that Stefano wants him to deal with obstacles the way he would.


Tony suggests that he can have Sami if he thinks that she is worth the sacrifice that he would have to make. Tony then advises E.J. that the information from the tabernacle would destroy the Brady family such that they would want to hide the contents and continue the vendetta.

He also warns E.J. (James Scott) that Santo was a twisted man who ruined Stefano's life. E.J. approaches Sami in Lucas' hospital room and announces he has a solution to end the vendetta. He reveals that Kate will be the courier to bring the papers from Andre to Stefano.

Lucas can't believe that his mother would be with Stefano but then asks E.J. what they should do.

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