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Episode Guide, Part 1

As E.J. (James Scott) and Lucas argue about whether Kate could be the courier, Tony calls and lets E.J. know that Stefano has been rushed to the hospital because his liver is shutting down. Kate brings gifts to Lucas and Sami and Lucas quickly asks where she got the money.

Kate claims she took some out of a retirement fund. Lucas calls her on the lie and Sami accuses her of going to Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) for help.

Episode Guide, Part 2

Confessing she asked Stefano for money, Kate blames this on Lucas for turning her in to the SEC. Lucas corrects her that he turned E.J. in and she happened to work for him. Kate denies that Stefano asked her to be the courier. At the hospital, Tony explains to E.J. that he needs a new liver but that finding a donor takes time.

Rolf emerges from Stefano's room and warns that he is going fast and it might be time to say goodbye.

Episode Guide, Part 3

Going first, E.J. thanks Stefano for being a great father but admits he fears that he has disappointed him. Stefano talks about his father and how he did what Santo asked. E.J. asks Stefano to tell Andre the vendetta is over. Stefano claims it's too late because he can't stop him.

He then calls Kate and, as Lucas secretly puts the device on speaker phone, they all hear Stefano ask Kate to meet Andre and get the folio for him.

Episode Guide, Part 4

Doug, Julie and the others read the letter which describes how Sister Mary Anne interrupted Santo and Colleen. Santo directed Colleen to hide behind the curtains but when the nun barged in, she quickly spied the hiding place and when she asked Santo if he knew where she was, he lied.

After the nun left, Colleen worried to Santo that she must have seen where she was hiding but Santo downplayed her concern and kissed her. But when she saw her scarf on the bed, Colleen feared the nun saw it and lamented that she had betrayed the church and sinned.

She vowed to never see him again and walked out. When Colleen arrived at the church the nun told Father Mallory about her and Santo.

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