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The Beginning

Hope offers to help Nick with the two boys he brought back from Las Vegas. When Jett arrives, a bikini-clad Chelsea comes downstairs and announces that she's going to the beach with him.

Sending Jett out to the car, Chelsea argues with Nick about putting the kids first.

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She claims that he is different from her and that's why she must end their relationship. Jett interrupts and when Nick threatens to kill him, Jett orders him to back off. As Jett and Chelsea leave, Hope urges Nick to go after Chelsea if he truly loves her.

When Kate is reluctant to help Stefano by meeting Andre, Sami and Lucas convince her to accept the task, quietly offering to go in her place. Stefano orders her to meet Andre at the health club and tells her to destroy the folio if it might fall into the wrong hands.

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Kate then tells Lucas she wants Sami to do this by herself but Lucas sends her out to find a doctor who will release him. Sami wants to call Bo but Lucas stops her. When Kate returns, Sami leaves. Kate talks about going with him but Lucas won't allow it and guesses that she slept with Stefano to get the money from him, calling her "Stefano's whore."

Kate refuses to apologize for what she's had to do to survive. E.J. thanks Benjy and Lexie for stopping by to help Stefano but Lexie claims she wouldn't donate a part of her liver to help him nor would she do anything else. Benjy wants to leave as Lexie (Renee Jones) insists that Stefano means nothing to her.

E.J. brings her in to see Stefano but she asserts that she hopes that he dies soon and starts a list of complaints.

The End

Stefano orders her to get out as Tony smiles. Sami advises E.J. (James Scott) that Stefano needs to live because he's the only person who can control Andre and end the vendetta. E.J. decides to be tested to see if he can save Stefano's life.

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