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The Beginning

Meeting Max at the Pub, Jeremy advises his partner that Ilsa has managed to find all the women but explains that it will take another day to get them all together. Max asks if one is named Jenna.

The Episode, Part One

Jeremy adds that they will meet at the hotel and that he has arranged a flight for them tomorrow. Max insists they then go to the police for their own protection.

Stephanie interrupts and invites them to the beach with Chelsea and Jett. Jeremy runs to Jett and asks him to tell the police that he is trying to correct his mistakes.

The Episode, Part Two

Jett asks why he thinks he has a connection to the police. Jeremy claims he is ready to do what he has to do to stay out of jail. Jett finally reveals that the police have been onto him for months.

Max apologizes to Stephanie for what happened the other night. She assures him it wasn't his fault and then blames Jeremy.

At the gym, Sami tries to hide as she spots Andre arrive, portfolio in his hand. She approaches Andre who reacts by trying to strangle her. As he does so, Lucas tries to grab the folio but is interrupted and fails.

Sami reports that Andre has disappeared.

The Episode, Part Three

Roman arrives and lays into them for trying to deal with Andre on their own. He orders them back to their place and not to leave. Instead, Sami decides Andre must still be there.

Spotting an elderly woman with the folio, Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) follows "her" into the steam room where Andre pulls a gun on him. Rolf brings Stefano in to see E.J. Stefano is thrilled that they are a match but asks if he is having second thoughts about helping him.

When he states that he knows Stefano is evil, Stefano points out that E.J. tried to kill Lucas just the other day and blamed it on Andre.

The End

Guessing he's not willing, Stefano orders Rolf to inform to cancel the operation but E.J. changes his mind. But as the doctor puts in an I.V., Bo and Roman arrive and arrest E.J.

However, E.J. tries to escape....

Days of Our Lives
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