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As Roman (Josh Taylor) tries to place him under arrest, E.J. stabs him with a hypodermic needle and escapes. Bo boasts to Stefano that his plans to use E.J. to stay alive won't work because he's just been arrested.

Bo then offers to exchange E.J. for Andre but as he states his terms, E.J. arrives and demands that Bo let him donate part of his liver to save Stefano's life.


Lucas confronts a disguised Andre who pulls a gun on him and refuses to hand over the portfolio. Lucas guesses that he won't shoot him so Andre knocks him out as Sami approaches the steam room.

Lucas taunts Andre but Andre hits him again before taking him out to a car where he ties him up. Later, Sami (Alison Sweeney) finds blood on the floor and Lucas' wedding ring. She calls Roman for help.


Bo tries to arrest E.J. just as a dazed Roman arrives. E.J. asks Stefano to give them Andre but when he refuses, Bo announces that E.J. is going to jail. Stefano asks Rolf to wheel him back to his room. Bo gives E.J. a few more minutes to convince Stefano to change his mind.

E.J. blasts him for caring more about Andre than his own son but Stefano claims he is just doing what his father Santo asked. As Bo takes him away, E.J. reminds Stefano that Andre killed Renee and asks him to make Andre pay for her death.


Stefano reveals that Kate is meeting Andre at the health club and will hand over the documents there. Sami calls Bo about the trouble at the health club but it's E.J. who ends up there helping her.

While he hurries into the steam room, Andre surprises Sami from behind and locks her in the steam room with E.J., turning up the heat before he slips out. Benjy informs Steve that Stefano is dying.

In front of Kayla, Hope asks Steve if he truly wants to be a father again. Instead, he decides to go help Benjy. Lucas frees himself and calls Bo to report what's happened. Stefano dreams of his father apologizing for ruining his life with the vendetta.

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