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Kayla panics when she and Steve find blood on Benjy's suitcase. Meanwhile, Benjy is lying in a dumpster. As Stefano orders Rolf to destroy the portfolio, Rolf gets a call and rushes out, only to return with the news that a donor has been found.

Talking alternately to a vision of Santo as well as Rolf, Stefano finally orders Rolf to destroy the portfolio so that the secret of the vendetta dies with him.


Locked inside the steam room, E.J. tries to calm Sami by telling her that Bo will soon be there.

He does suggest it would be best for them both to remove their clothes as the room heats up. Meanwhile, Bo tells Lucas that Sami left the health club already with E.J. As Bo and a dazed Roman leave, Andre also slips out of the club.

Bo and Roman find Lucas after he has managed to scare the vicious dogs away. Hope calls Bo to report that Benjy is now missing.


Bo runs home where Kayla is in a panic about Benjy. She starts crying when Steve brings her Benjy's bloody shirt which he found at the docks. Bo then hears that Benjy was found by a homeless man and gives Steve rules to follow as they go to him. As Benjy is taken to the hospital, Bo advises Steve that he noticed a deep "surgical" cut underneath his ribs.

Roman confronts Rolf at the hospital and is surprised when Rolf reports that a donor has been found, thanks to another family member.


Roman guesses it was taken, not donated. He later meets Bo and tells him that someone found a liver for Stefano. Bo assumes it came from Benjy and rushes to the hospital to stop the operation.

Rolf claims that the liver came from a relative in Italy but Steve (Stephen Nichols) grabs the cooler with the liver and vows to flush it away. Lucas decides that Sami must still be at the health club.

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