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Abe runs into a hooded Lexie but she asks him to stay away because she is a DiMera and this is her effort to protect him. Calling her a Carver, Abe (James Reynolds) asks her to forgive him for kicking her out and stuns her with the news that he can see again.

Part I

At the beach Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) extolls on to Nick about how wonderful Kate was to give her the $50,000 for school. Nick tries to kiss her but she stops him and announces that she wants honesty in their new relationship. She denies that she slept with Jett but confesses that she wanted to.

Part II

Upset, Nick considers leaving but stays as she asks him about Stephanie and why he lied to her. He claims it was to protect Chelsea and that he's told her everything. After a kiss and talk about a new job, Chelsea asks Nick about his winnings from Las Vegas.

Hinting he gave them away, the two kiss again only to be interrupted by China Lee who reminds Nick they're married and shows a license as proof. After Nick runs off for some legal help, China gives Chelsea a DVD of the ceremony.

Part III

With Philip watching, Billie opens the large envelope from Indianapolis and finds a photo of a baby inside along with a note telling Philip that it's his son and that he should support him.

Philip quickly denies that he's the father and insists he hasn't had sex with any woman since he was married to Belle. Billie spots a prescription bottle in the photo and has the photo enlarged enough to read the name Tyler Kiriakis.


The two decide to go to Indianapolis. Belle admits to Shawn that she's thinking of going to school to become a nurse. After much arguing and blaming, Shawn approves of her plans.

Days of Our Lives
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