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Sami pleads with Lucas not to go.

He confesses that he shot E.J. and claims it was the only solution he could come up with to save their marriage. After much arguing, Roman interrupts and arrests him. E.J. is taken aback when Stefano shows up and announces that he wants to take his grandson for a walk.

Eyeing his father's bodyguard, E.J. won't let him ... but asks Stefano if he intends to take Johnny and flee the country. When he avoids answering, E.J. accuses him of planning to do just that and orders him to get out.

Shawn works with Belle to set up a New Year's party at the Pub. Kissing her as they work, Shawn claims that his resolution for 2008 is to trust her. We'll have to see about that come tomorrow.

Chloe calls Philip and claims that the police are following her and want to arrest her. He offers to get her a good lawyer. When Shawn leaves to help Caroline, Philip slips into the Pub and announces to Belle that he wants to talk about their future.

Belle says she's in love with Shawn. Just then, Shawn returns, claims Belle wants nothing to do with him and forces him to leave. At the station house where Chloe is being held, Roman introduces Philip to a representative from Austria who is there to arrest Chloe.

Chloe claims some men broke into their place in Vienna and kidnapped Brady.

Later, a guilt-ridden Belle confesses to Shawn that she slept with Philip.

Days of Our Lives
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