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As Days of Our Lives resumes, Philip listens as Belle describes for Marlena the encounter with the woman who wanted her and Claire to leave with her.

Belle's photo was taken from Chloe's apartment when Brady disappeared and he fears the two events are connected. Philip insists Belle have a bodyguard.

The phone rings and when Belle answers it. Crystal assumes Marlena's on the line and apologizes, insisting they meant no harm to her daughter. Marlena (Deidre Hall) takes the phone and Crystal warns Belle's in danger.

E.J. hurries to the station house and demands to see Lucas because he's in danger. When the cop on duty claims he's not on the approved visitor's lists, he warns Kate who quickly asks to see her son.

In his cell Lucas meets Carmine, his cellmate and Stefano's hired thug.

Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) is disappointed to find it's his mother when he is told he's got a visitor. He assures her he's not in any danger and then complains when she brings up Sami's name.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) assures E.J. her son is fine... for now.

A frustrated Sami complains Will won't take her phone calls. Roman offers to call him for her. Will's happy to hear from him but Sami leaks that Lucas is in jail. Will says he knew he would be caught.

Stefano is impressed when Rolf's "experiment" joins him in the living room. But it's "time for another injection," the person stops Rolf...

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