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PART ONE: Kate advises E.J. (James Scott) that the DNA test results are in. He reads the report and exclaims that he is a father to a son. He runs to give Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) the good news that he has a grandson. Kate warns that the baby is with Steve. In Santo Domingo, Lucas complains to Sami (Alison Sweeney) that it's the first night their twins are home and they are not with them. When the attorney arrives with the divorce papers, Sami hesitates but eventually both she and Lucas sign the document, ending their marriage.

PART TWO: The two decide to take advantage of the romantic setting, but as they go to have sex, Sami finds a note delivered which reveals the DNA test results. She hides the news from Lucas. As the sorority's Halloween party gets underway, Chelsea and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) watch as Morgan flirts with Max. Max (Darin Brookes) interrupts and asks Stephanie why she never told him about her new job. He assures her he doesn't have a problem with them working together since they are just friends.

PART THREE: Chelsea greets Nick with a kiss and guesses he's missing the two boys. Agreeing with her but adding he's moving on, Nick states that he wants to make tonight all about them. Cordy is troubled to see Ford chasing a sorority sister through the house. Max pushes Morgan to kick him out but she decides to have a few words with him instead. She takes his car keys away so he can't drive but Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) is disgusted when he makes a rude comment about her good looking mother/head of campus security.

THE END: Chelsea takes a moment to push Max to ask Stephanie out. Morgan offers Ford a ride home and unknowingly downs her drink that Ford spiked. Cordy confides to Stephanie that Ford raped her.

Days of Our Lives
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