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Days of Our Lives, Recap (11-2-07), Part One

In Santo Domingo Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) finds the note E.J. sent and reads about the DNA test results. He blasts Sami (Alison Sweeney) and accuses her of lying to him. Kate tries to convince E.J. to stay away from Steve and Kayla but Stefano argues that he has every right to see his son and sends him off into the night. Stefano explains that he's going to take the boy and his parents to Italy to live. Cordy falls apart as she tells Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Chelsea that Ford raped her the night they went out. She adds that she can't remember much because he drugged her. Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) wants to call the police but Cordy claims it would be her word against his. Stephanie reminds her that there might be other women who are victims or potential victims and urges her to do the right thing. When she refuses, Stephanie runs out and warns Nick (Blake Berris) about Ford. Morgan drops Ford off but as she heads for the door, she becomes dizzy.

Days of Our Lives, Recap (11-2-07), Part Two

Max (Darin Brooks) worries when Morgan doesn't answer her phone. He notices Ashley has a bloody lip but when he asks her about it, she runs off. He chases her out to the balcony where she admits that Ford did it but that she hasn't called the police. When no one knows where Ford lives, they look at his website and get a clue as his web cam shows him removing his clothes. Max stops him before he can attack Morgan and Jett places him under arrest as Ford yells that his dad is a lawyer. Jett (Marcus Patrick) brings him back to the sorority house where Cordy vows to press charges. Hearing a loud noise coming from Steve and Kayla's, E.J. (James Scott) bursts inside and interrupts their sexual antics. He demands to see his son but they kick him out. He returns to the mansion to complain to Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) who calls a judge for a custody order. But when they return, they discover the place has been quarantined so they can't enter.

Days of Our Lives
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