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PART ONE: Marlena chats with Bo and Hope at the Pub about how much she misses John (Drake Hogestyn) and what she needs to do to get on with her life. Marlena asks for their help in stopping Sami from marrying E.J. Bo offers to do whatever he can. After he leaves, Marlena admits to Hope that she's been thinking of ways to kill E.J. Sami announces to Lucas that they'll be flying to Santo Domingo for a quickie divorce. Lucas tries to argue with her but when Belle arrives, he leaves. Belle defends Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and points out how upset Sami would be if Lucas were marrying another woman.

PART TWO: Belle (Martha Madison) asks for her advice because she just slept with Philip. Sami is outraged and shocked further when Belle admits it happened in the same room she shares with Shawn. Belle argues that she loves Shawn and wants to marry him. Hearing Hope knows, Sami warns her not to tell Shawn and demands that she stay away from Philip for fear she'll lose Shawn. Handing her a gun for their scheme, E.J. (James Scott) assures Kate that it's untraceable. He fires at her car, leaving behind bullet holes.

PART THREE: Kate then insists that E.J. cut her forehead with a piece of glass before she calls Roman (Josh Taylor). When Roman arrives, she claims it was a drive by shooting but he points out a few discrepancies that she can't explain. Soon, Lucas arrives, concerned about his mother. Meanwhile, E.J. approaches Sami and talks about Kate's accident. He also hints Lucas may change his mind about the divorce. Relieved she's okay, Lucas offers her a gun for protection. E.J. gives Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) the good news about Sami's marriage.

CONCLUSION: Kate interrupts, reports her success with her son and shows off the gun he gave her. Lucas returns to Sami and announces that they need to get the divorce today.

Days of Our Lives
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