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Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide (Part I): Lucas complains to Belle about Sami marrying E.J. and says Shawn would be upset if she was with another man. Hiding her guilt, Belle guesses this is tough on Sami too but Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) warns that he thinks she's fallen in love with E.J. Belle again offers an excuse for what Sami has done and then leaves.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide (Part II): Stefano barges into the room but Sami (Alison Sweeney) won't back off, lecturing him that she won't let him near her son. Later, Stefano hints to E.J. he'll take steps of his own if E.J. can't get Sami to do as he orders. Philip approaches Shawn as he works at the Pub and announces that he's there to congratulate him on marrying Belle (Martha Madison). Shawn suggests he leave.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide (Part III): Claiming she phoned Roman at the time, Marlena tells Bo (Peter Reckell) she was babysitting Claire and wasn't at the wedding when E.J. (James Scott) was shot. At the same time, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) can't believe Bo is questioning Marlena who admits she's been disappointed Bo hasn't been supportive of her after John (Drake Hogestyn) died.

Days of Our Lives: Episode Guide (Part IV): Marlena (Deidre Hall) says to Hope that she's not sorry for what she did and confesses she was the woman in black and that she fired one of the three shots. Telling Belle he has some new evidence in the case, Philip offers to help Shawn to find it if she'll spend one evening with him...

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