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Days of Our Lives: 11/8/07

Episode Recap, Part One

Kayla stuns Roman with the news that Sami (Alison Sweeney) is marrying E.J. tonight. He can't believe she's not considering her mother who is still grieving for John (Drake Hogestyn). Hope (Kristian Alfonso) explains Lucas wants to do an intervention so they agree to help though it is suggested that only Roman can get her to change her mind. Roman agrees but promises he'll shoot E.J. if Sami won't cancel the wedding.

Episode Recap, Part Two

Lucas tells her if she marries E.J., their future is over. Will gives his mother a hard time and after she gives a list of excuses for marrying E.J., Will announces that he wants to go live with Carrie and Austin again. After Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) agrees with their son, Sami removes her wedding ring and says goodbye. Kate (Lauren Koslow) angrily confronts Stefano and E.J. and blasts Stefano for betraying her as she pulls out a gun.

Episode Recap, Part Three

Unconcerned, E.J. (James Scott) says it's time for him to leave. Kate gets her gun back after E.J. removes the bullets. She reloads her gun and takes off. Later, Lucas takes out his gun but then replaces it in a locked box before he heads out after the babysitter takes over watching the twins. Finding her talking to herself at the church, E.J. boasts to Sami that brides in Spain wear black to show devotion until death.

Episode Recap, Part Four

Kate asks Lucas for forgiveness but he won't unless she stops the wedding. Roman and Bo (Peter Reckell) try to convince Sami to cancel the wedding but she opts to marry E.J. Roman (Josh Taylor) and the others return to the Pub where he has a drink. Bo asks for Roman's gun while Steve tells Kayla he's got an errand to run. Roman leaves and removes another gun. Before the wedding, E.J. and Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) notice a woman all in black. As the ceremony starts, three guns are seen pointing at the bride and groom...

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