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Part I

Stefano assures Kate (Lauren Koslow) he doesn't know anything about Roman but claims he has information about Lucas and Sami's marriage. At the crime scene, Abe advises an upset Bo that Benjy's time of death was sometime in the past 24 hours. As they worry about what Steve is planning to do, E.J. interrupts and claims he might know where Roman is.

Part II

Bo takes him aside and shows him Benjy's lifeless body but E.J. claims he doesn't know anything about his death. He then brings out the folio and the rings and announces that the rings are the key to saving Roman's life. Bo argues that Sami won't marry him but E.J. counters that Sami has already agreed. Bo reminds him that Santo was still married when he seduced Colleen but E.J. insists that his grandmother was dead.

Part III

Sami (Alison Sweeney) astounds Lucas when she announces that she is divorcing him to end the vendetta. Lucas asks if she's marrying E.J. because she loves him. Sami claims she hates E.J. but wants to protect her family. He wonders why two dead people are controlling their future but she again states that she wants to save Roman. Sami adds that the marriage will be in name only and only until Stefano dies.

Part IV

Andre puts a bound and gagged Roman (Josh Taylor) into a car and says that he'll be going home soon. He then pulls out some plastic explosives for his plan and later, bursts into the Pub to surprise Sami. He opens Roman's coat to show that he is wired with the explosives. Lucas gains access to Stefano's hospital room and is sickened to find his mother kissing him. Kate insists she had nothing to do with this. Later, Steve gets in to see Stefano and pulls a gun on him. He vows to make him pay for Benjy's death.

Days of Our Lives
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