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PART ONE: Thanks to Morgan's bidding on the gyrating Max, Chelsea and Stephanie raise big bucks at their auction for the charity. But when Max makes a comment about how "hot" Morgan is, Stephanie is jealous.

She stews as Chelsea takes Morgan over to meet her date.

Later, Stephanie lays into Chelsea for pairing those two but when she claims she just wants to be his friend, Chelsea urges her to go bid on a guy which she does. Later, Morgan welcomes Chelsea and Stephanie into the sorority. Lucas is amazed when E.J. hands him and Sami an annulment document from the church to sign. Refusing to sign, Lucas asks Sami for 24 hours to think about it.

PART TWO: Stefano tells her she knows what she must do and then leaves. Lucas boasts that the Brady family has won. E.J. warns them about Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) but Sami agrees to the one-day delay.

After telling Steve about Pocket's illness and that CPS took the baby from them, Kayla lays into him for his TV appearance. He insists it was the only way to save Roman's life. Philip interrupts and claims that Pocket is actually his son Tyler. Steve insists on a paternity test and then they reveal what has happened to the baby. Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) quickly blames them which sets Steve off.

After Philip leaves, Stefano arrives and announces that he is dropping the charges against Steve and has paid off the TV station manager so the matter is over. He claims that he wants peace.

Days of Our Lives
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