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Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) greets the fraternity guys as they arrive for what they think is a pizza, televised football and beer party at the Cheatin' Heart. Who knows where it will lead ...

Days of Our Lives: Part One (10-9-07)

Max wants nothing to do with this but Stephanie asks Adrienne to get him to change his mind. Instead, Max bets her $50 that the plot won't work. When Stephanie and Chelsea turn off the TV and explain what they need for their charity project, the guys demand they turn back on the football game. Feeling sorry for them, one of the frat brothers suggests that they start crying to get their sympathy. Chelsea starts with some fake tears and gets their attention. Morgan arrives with her sorority sisters and is shocked to hear what they've arranged.

Days of Our Lives: Part Two (10-9-07)

But when Chelsea's pleas fail, Max jumps up on stage and gets the women bidding. As Billie wonders where to go with the investigation into Lauren, Kayla brings Pocket back to the hospital after the baby is sick again. Dr. Berman tells Kayla that Pocket is suffering from chemical poisoning but Kayla denies that they are responsible. Insisting he found ammonia in the baby's system, the doctor admits he must report this to Child Protective Services. Hope urges Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) to get an attorney.

Moments later, the woman from CPS announces that are taking Pocket away.

Days of Our Lives: Part Three (10-9-07)

Philip guesses that Lauren came back to Salem and the hospital because his baby is here right now. Reading through records, Billie assumes that Kayla and Steve's "Pocket" is actually Tyler. E.J. advises an angry Lucas that the marriage to Sami will be in name only and once Stefano is dead, Sami can have a divorce and marry Lucas. Lucas calls him a liar but Sami accuses Lucas of not trusting her. He blasts her for turning this against him. Stefano meets E.J. at the Pub and hands him a copy of the annulment document for Sami and Lucas.

E.J. rushes it to Sami and Lucas and explains it needs their signatures.

Days of Our Lives
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