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Part One: Days of Our Lives

Philip advises Belle that he's going to break into the CPS offices to find out where they placed Pocket.

He explains further about the "poisoning" and that he wants to do a paternity test. Belle argues with him about whether Steve and Kayla would allow the baby to be harmed. She warns him that if he is caught, he'll never see the baby and offers her help. When Mrs. Meyers arrives, Belle (Martha Madison) convinces her to run a DNA test to determine if Philip is the father. Hearing this, Philip impulsively kisses Belle. Lucas tells John, Bo, Hope and Marlena at the Pub about the annulment papers Stefano brought to E.J. Wells and that Sami gave him 24 hours to think about signing them.

  • As E.J. watches, Sami enters the Pub and claims she now feels safe.
  • When everyone agrees, E.J. interrupts and asks them why she feels safe.

Part Two: Days of Our Lives

As the others try to get him to leave, Sami (Alison Sweeney) speaks and Lucas realizes she is going to marry E.J. Walking out, E.J. asks Sami about Will.

Sami tells her family that she must protect her son but Lucas claims he can protect her. Stefano speaks to the unconscious Andre about the death of Benjy. He absolves him of his responsibility and claims the one who made him who he is today is responsible. Stefano promises to take him back to Italy once he gets better. The elder Shawn interrupts and the two argue about whether Santo is responsible or Colleen. Stefano finally lets slip that he had to protect his mother and told Shawn things so that he would go to Colleen. Shawn realizes that he tricked him which resulted in her death. He returns to the Pub and tells John that Stefano used him to kill his own sister. In Andre's room, E.J. asks for Stefano's help using Will to force Sami's hand but he refuses and warns he'll make Sami an enemy for life if he does anything to Will.

Later, Shawn slips into Andre's room.

Days of Our Lives
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