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As the elder Shawn (Brandon Beemer) prepares to shut off Andre's life support, he hears Colleen's voice, which is begging him not to "become one of them." He finds he can't press the button and starts to walk towards the door. Andre wakes and manages to push his own button, shutting off the machines and sounding the alarm. The doctor and nurses burst into the room. The officer informs Stefano that Andre is dead.

He confronts Shawn and claims that because of his actions, the vendetta is back on.


He demands that Shawn be arrested but the police claim there is no evidence justifying an arrest. At the Pub everyone is thrilled when Sami finally rips up the annulment papers. John congratulates her on making the right decision. Marlena calls Belle to come over to the party but Belle claims she has to pick up Claire and then do some studying. As a vengeful E.J. watches her, Belle realizes she's locked her keys in her car.

But before E.J. can do anything to her, Sami calls and invites him to the Pub.


Worried about a missing Shawn, Caroline asks Bo to go find him. Getting a text message from Belle, John and Marlena hurry to help her get her car keys out of her car. E.J. arrives and when Sami reveals she won't marry him, he warns that "you lose." After Lucas leaves, the two argue about her decision. Sami orders him to leave her alone. John Black and Marlena have a laugh when they find one of Belle's car doors is unlocked.


But when John (Drake Hogestyn) starts walking in the street, a car hits him. Bo defends Shawn to an angry Stefano. Shawn later advises Bo and Hope that Stefano told him years ago his mother was alive. He insists he didn't kill Andre and Bo informs Stefano that Andre took his own life. He also blames Santo for Colleen's death and claims Stefano is ultimately responsible for Andre's death.

When Marlena calls about John's accident, Sami guesses this is her fault...

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