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Days of Our Lives Guide: Part One (10.15) ... As we pick up where Days of Our Lives left off, Stefano is outraged when Tony refuses to mourn Andre's passing because he stole so many years from his life. As Anna listens, the two DiMeras argue about Tony's role in the family. Once Anna speaks up, Tony walks out and argues with her as she calls Stefano a "broken man."

As they talk, John is wheeled by them followed by a crying Marlena.

Both Sami and Lucas blame E.J. for John being hit by a car. E.J. claims he didn't arrange for John's accident. As Sami and Lucas rush out, E.J. again warns that no one is safe unless he marries Sami. Stephanie's not pleased when Morgan gets ready for her big date with Max and jokes that she wants to seduce him. Wearing too much of everything, Cordy needs a lot of help getting ready for her date and the sorority girls jump in to assist.

Days of Our Lives Guide: Part Two (10.15) ... When their dates arrive, Stephanie's (Shelley Hennig) sent out to greet and delay them. Ford takes an interest in her. Max warns she just ended one relationship and upsets Stephanie further when he announces he's taking Morgan to the racetrack, something they used to do together. Her make over complete, Ford is thrilled when he sees Cordy. E.J. returns to Stefano and tells him that John was a better target than Belle.

Hearing Andre is dead and that Stefano thinks the elder Shawn is responsible, E.J. wonders who hit John but then guesses Sami will marry him after assuming Stefano ordered John to be hit.

Dr. Berman reports to Marlena that John's back is broken in two places and he has numerous cracked ribs among other injuries and will not make it through the night. Stefano eyes a DNA test report on Sami. Meanwhile, Sami (Alison Sweeney) hands E.J. the annulment papers and agrees to marry him.

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