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Max brings Morgan to the Pub, unaware that a jealous Stephanie is still following them. Chelsea is shocked to see what Stephanie has done all night but Stephanie insists they must "save" him from her.

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Meanwhile, Morgan advises Max (Darin Brooks) that Stephanie's following them and though he doubts it, she guesses that Stephanie has feelings for him. He explains that Stephanie dumped him for another guy and assures her that he has no lingering feelings. Morgan adds that she is also "very" single. Hearing about John, Max apologizes to Morgan because he has to end their date to get to the hospital. As they walk out, they run into an embarrassed Chelsea and Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) who is not happy to see Max kiss Morgan goodnight.

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At the hospital Marlena (Deidre Hall) hints to Belle that all they may be able to do for John is to say a final goodbye. Lucas arrives in time to hear Sami assure E.J. that Lucas will sign the annulment papers. Belle interrupts and reports that John is at death's door. Sami tries to convince her that John will be okay. Lucas and E.J. leave them alone and end up arguing about who is to blame for the hit and run accident. E.J. reminds Lucas that he was with him when the accident occurred. Sami (Alison Sweeney) comes out and orders E.J. to leave. When she admits she feels responsible for John's accident, Lucas claims John wouldn't want her to marry E.J.


John Black (Drake Hogestyn) comes to and finds Marlena fearing the worst. She admits that it doesn't look good but he's grateful that she is with him. He insists he has no regrets and asks her to lie in bed with him.

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