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Introduction (10-17-2007)

Getting a ride back to the sorority house from Stephanie, Morgan points out what a coincidence it was that Stephanie was at the Pub. She then accuses her of being at the racetrack too and lectures her that a sorority sister never steals another's boyfriend. Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) lies that she was just making sure that no one got hurt. Morgan hints that she's not done with Max.

Episode Synopsis (10-17-2007)

Billie interrupts with Jett and warns that a woman was attacked on campus earlier

Morgan offers to let Stephanie and Chelsea move into the house. Maggie confronts Jeremy at Nick's place and pushes him to turn himself in to the police. He refuses and decides it's time to leave. When E.J. asks if he had anything to do with John's accident, Stefano doesn't directly answer but does remind him that Lucas needs to sign the annulment papers. Stefano sends E.J. to go check on John. At the hospital Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) advises Belle that there is nothing they can do to save John's life. Bo urges John (Drake Hogestyn) to fight to stay with them but John loses consciousness.

Unable to take it anymore, Bo runs out.

He grabs a syringe and a bottle from a nearby nurse's cart before running out. John comes to again when Kate arrives. As John fades again, Sami faces off with Kate in the hall. Kate claims she doesn't want Sami to marry E.J. Bo confronts Stefano and after moving the call button away, unwraps a syringe as he asks who ran down John. As he prepares to inject Stefano, Roman stops him but when Stefano jokes that Chelsea is good at hit-and-run "accidents," Bo jabs him. E.J. returns as Stefano removes the needle.

Bo claims there was only saline in the syringe.

Conclusion (10-17-2007)

He's then handed a car headlight and hopes it will lead to the person who hit John Black. E.J. tells Stefano John only has hours left to live. After John says goodbye to Marlena, she asks him to rest. Hearing the heart monitor sound, a crying Sami convinces Lucas to sign the annulment papers.

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