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Picking up where Days of Our Lives left off an episode ago, Andre brings Stefano a bottle of champagne and suggests that he use it to celebrate his brother's murder. Though Stefano orders him to get out, Tony warns that the Brady's will not let this go and that he's only made things worse.

Anna pulls Tony away but tells Stefano that he's getting everything he deserves. Marlena wanders the docks, trying to cope with the death of John Black (Drake Hogestyn). Roman finds her alone and explains that all the preparations have been made for John's funeral. Marlena says that she can't say goodbye to him. Roman (Josh Taylor) insists on taking her to her family.

  • The elder Shawn shutters the Pub as he mourns John Black's passing.
  • Steve admits to Kayla that if he had killed Stefano when he had the chance, they wouldn't be dealing with John's death right now. She counters that he'd be in prison.
  • When Brady calls, Shawn is hopeful that he's able to get a flight from Switzerland in time for the funeral but learns later that he and Chloe won't be there nor will Eric.

Finding flowers for the ceremony, Hope and Bo learn that this was arranged by Vivian Alamain. Celeste suggests to Lexie, Abe and Stephanie that John will be a "restless soul." When Lucas runs into E.J. outside the pub, he punches him. Kate and then Sami discover the two at odds. Sami orders E.J. to go.

Doug, Abe and Steve all join the fray and force E.J. to leave.

Belle falls apart as she stops at the coffin, crying for John. As everyone else gathers in the chapel, Marlena arrives and sits with Belle and Sami (Alison Sweeney). Surprisingly, Victor enters and insists on speaking. Afterwards, the elder Shawn shakes his hand for his kind words.

Caroline speaks next followed by Hope and then Anna who explains why Carrie can't be there.

Abe (James Reynolds) says goodbye to his partner and Sami promises that his death will mean something. As Marlena speaks, Stefano suddenly arrives.

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