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As cooler heads prevail on Days of Our Lives, Steve gets Philip to apologize to Kayla but lets him know he doesn't think Philip should be anywhere near Pocket. Philip claims he will take the baby home today.

Episode Guide, Part I

Dr. Davidoff tells Mrs. Meyers that they have rerun the tests and have determined Pocket has a rare genetic disorder but it's also treatable. Philip asks if he can take his son home now but she reminds him the paternity test results are not in yet. She then introduces foster parents Wayne and Ruth Wilkins to the three.

Episode Guide, Part II

Ruth starts crying when Mrs. Meyers admits Philip may be the baby's father. Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) watches as the Wilkins talk to Pocket and Mrs. Meyers decides they will take the baby home for now. She also mentions they want to adopt him. Philip continues to argue but Kayla suggests he think about what's best for the baby. Steve and Kayla say goodbye to Pocket. Hoping he'll change his mind, Bo points out to Shawn that Hope is not happy about him entering the police academy.

Episode Guide, Part III

Shawn (Brandon Beemer) assures him he'll be careful but Bo reminds him of what happened to John. Shawn counters that John's death inspires him to do better. Bo then introduces Shawn to Commander Flynn who announces Shawn will report to class tomorrow morning. When Marlena gets Sami to admit she is going to marry E.J., Belle accuses her of rewarding him for killing her father. Sami claims she can control him but Marlena compares him to Stefano and guesses E.J. wants to have a child with her.


After Belle leaves, Sami realizes that she's in labor. Later at the church, a torn Philip tells Belle he may have to give up Tyler but announces that he wants Belle back. As he kisses her, Shawn arrives.

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