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As Days of Our Lives resumes on October 23, Shawn (Brandon Beemer) enters the church and finds Belle and Philip in close conversation. Belle claims she's glad to see him and asks him to take her home. Abe updates Bo on the person who bought the car that hit John and explains it was traced to a stranger in Chicago. Bo wonders if the accident was just that which would take pressure off Sami (Alison Sweeney) marrying E.J.

Commander Flynn from the police academy calls Bo and asks to meet. Bo calls Shawn who puts Belle in her own car to go home. But when her car won't start, she returns to the church, much to Philip's delight. At Belle's place, Philip tells her that he still loves her. She asks him to leave but he tells her he wants to have sex with her. Meeting at the Pub, E.J. argues with Lucas over E.J.'s idea of raising Sami's kids together.

Lucas (Brian Datillo) guesses he's hoping Sami will fall in love with him once they're married but E.J. insists he will care for them as if they were his own. Lucas accuses him of shooting John (Drake Hogestyn) months ago but E.J. again denies it. Just then Sami calls and tells him she's in labor. As he leaves, he runs into Bo and borrows his handcuffs. He cuffs E.J. to the Pub and exits.

E.J. demands that Bo and Abe (James Reynolds) free him but neither admits to having a key. Marlena puts Sami to bed after her water breaks and vows to deliver the twins herself. Lucas arrives in time to watch the twins being born, first a boy named John Roman Roberts and then a girl. E.J. (James Scott) arrives with Kate and though Marlena asks them to leave, E.J. first claims one twin may have a different father.

  • At the station house, Flynn announces that they are postponing Shawn's entrance to the academy because he fled the country and defied a court order.
  • Vowing to fight this, Bo asks who notified the academy but the commander won't say. Shawn then complains about Philip wanting Belle.
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