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Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) offers to stay out of Belle's life but she closes the door and starts kissing him as they have sex. Afterwards, Belle rushes Philip out and insists that Shawn can never find out.

Episode Recap: Days of Our Lives (Part I)

Downstairs, Shawn stuns Hope (Kristian Alfonso) with the news that his chances of entering the academy are slim now that someone leaked about him defying a court order when he skipped town with Claire.

He guesses Philip had something to do with this but she urges him to tell Belle the truth without blaming anyone. Seeing Philip's car, Shawn fumes as he realizes he's probably upstairs with Belle.

While Shawn runs into Philip and trades claims for Belle, Hope enters Belle's room and quickly guesses what happened. Sami and Lucas come up with the name for their daughter. E.J. suggests that the twins didn't look alike but she reminds him a DNA test was already done.

Episode Recap: Days of Our Lives (Part II)

Marlena checks with a lab technician about the test and worries how a new one might affect Sami. E.J. boasts to Kate (Lauren Koslow) that if one of those babies is his, it will forever tie him to Sami. Marlena overhears him and blasts him for thinking such a thing after he raped Sami.

She concludes her outburst by slapping him.

E.J. guesses that she too is worried about the paternity of both babies and offers a DNA sample. Just after Lucas tells Sami he wants to run another DNA test, Marlena joins in and agrees, much to Sami's dismay.

Sami (Alison Sweeney) won't allow it and surprisingly, Lucas changes his mind and agrees that they are the babies' parents no matter what any test says. Lucas (Bryan Datillo) confronts his mother and accuses her of scheming with E.J. to question the babies' paternity.


When E.J. returns, Lucas vows to kill him if he tries to take his wife or his babies. Marlena tells Sami that if they secretly have the test performed and it rules of E.J., it could finally get him out of her life.

Days of Our Lives
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