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Days of Our Lives, Part One
When Shawn orders Philip to stay away from Belle, Philip counters that Belle won't be Shawn's for long because Shawn doesn't make her happy. Shawn continues but Philip hints that he may already have Belle which causes Shawn to start punching. The two fight, trashing the Pub as they exchange blows until Caroline chases Philip out. Hope tries to force Belle to admit that she just had sex with Philip but when she won't talk, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) announces that she must tell Shawn.

Days of Our Lives, Part Two
That forces Belle to admit that she couldn't control herself because she was "vulnerable." Hope quickly warns her not to blame the sex on John's (Drake Hogestyn) death. She agrees to keep this secret if she kicks Philip out of her life. Bo and Abe enter the seedy hotel room where Roman (Josh Taylor) is keeping Harry Jenks captive. Bo demands to know who hired him to run over John. Harry wants to see his lawyer. Abe calls to have E.J. (James Scott) picked up and brought to the hotel. Harry denies knowing who he is so they let E.J. go.

Days of Our Lives, Part Three
Abe (James Reynolds) announces this proves Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) had nothing to do with John's accident. But when he learns Harry was Andre's cellmate and that his cellphone had been used to dial Andre's, Abe orders him taken to the station house. Bo returns to the Pub and lectures Shawn about fighting. When he mentions Flynn received a letter to keep Shawn out of the academy, Shawn guesses Philip sent it.

Days of Our Lives, Part Four
Admiring his newly-born son and daughter, Lucas (Bryan Datillo) has a daydream where his daughter resents that her brother with E.J. and Sami gets everything he wants and she doesn't because Lucas is broke. Things get worse as Lucas imagines his daughter older and enormously overweight, sitting at the bar and taking grief from her half-brother and his friends. Lucas later warns Bo that he will stop E.J. from being with Sami (Alison Sweeney). He also warns that if E.J. turns up dead, Bo will know who is responsible.

Days of Our Lives
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