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As Days of Our Lives resumes, Morgan welcomes Stephanie (Shelley Hennig) and Chelsea (Rachel Melvin) to the IFT house and tells them about the bedroom situation. Chelsea opts to room with Cordy while Stephanie takes the single upstairs. Stephanie asks her friend to convince Cordy to switch so they can be roommates.

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Morgan questions Max about Stephanie again but he claims he's not interested in her and wants to be with Morgan. Ford approaches Chelsea and after warning that Cordy is weird and that they had an odd date, he comes on to her. She laughs at the idea of dating him. Cordy runs screaming to her room after Ford grabs her arm and asks her to dance.

Upstairs, a crying Cordy tells Morgan she's quitting school and warns Chelsea to stay away from Ford. Max (Darin Brooks) finally kicks Ford out after he annoys every girl in the house. Going out to turn off her car lights, Chelsea's grabbed from behind. Sami's (Alison Sweeney) not happy when E.J. (James Scott) enters her hospital room, claiming that one of her twins is his.

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Sami disagrees and lectures him that their marriage will be in name only.

He claims he's in love with her but Sami warns him to expect a marriage made in hell. E.J. reminds her that John is dead because she changed her mind about marrying him. Sami claims his threat shows her the real E.J. Lucas finds his mother at the nursery, looking at the twins.

As she pleads with him not to shut her out of their lives, Lucas says that one may not be his. He mentions that Andre's cellmate is the guy who hit John. Kate disagrees with the idea that Stefano was behind John's (Drake Hogestyn) death but Lucas complains that she's the reason they are in this mess.


Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) reminds her that she kept him from being with Sami all these years and announces again that he no longer has a mother as far as he is concerned. But when he brings the babies to Sami, she allows Kate to stay. Lucas kicks out E.J.

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